Home Lifts: Designing And Choosing Your Perfect Match


A home lift can make your home much more convenient, but it is not a minor investment. Before you begin construction, you have to consider your family’s lifestyle, your needs and preferences. Your budget and home layout will have the biggest impact on what models you can choose from, but there are many on the market that suit both traditional and modern builds. If you are contemplating adding a home lift, this post will help you choose the perfect model.

Reasons to Install a Home Lift

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to install a home lift. The most obvious is increased mobility as you can enjoy a better quality of life while reducing the risk of slips and falls from stairs. For homes with elderly or disabled family members, the addition can make navigation much easier and even grant them greater independence. Lifts can also be a better way to maximize space. Removing a stairwell can free up room that you can take advantage of for greater decorating or future expansions. If you ever intend to sell in the future, a lift that matches the aesthetic of your home will be a major asset to prospective buyers.

Design and Style

The first thing to do is explore what options are available and which are appropriate for the size of your home. A domestic lifts comparison site will easily allow you to gauge your options and find a manufacturer. From there, you can begin contemplating factors like car design, materials and hoist systems. Below are some design elements to consider:

  • Shaftless models
  • Door types
  • Car styles
  • Interior and wall-mounted lighting
  • The car operating panel (COP) layout, including buttons and display interfaces

Your lift company will be able to discuss options in-depth and find a model that is both suitable to your home and aligned with your tastes. Bear in mind that some design materials significantly increase the cost, so you may have to make some compromises.

Balancing Your Budget

Lifts can range from £15,000 to over £50,000. Certain models, such as those made entirely from glass or running on hydraulic shafts, cost more to install. Construction costs also make up a considerable portion of the cost on top of the price of the car and hardware. Factoring in different finishes and design choices, you will have to determine the most important features and long-term utility of the equipment. For someone who intends to sell, certain choices might not yield a profitable return on investment.However, for those with elderly parents, someone who is disabled or those who intend to age in place, the initial cost could be much more worthwhile. It may be beneficial to plan any additional home renovation projects alongside the installation of the lift. Often, companies are willing to cut you a better deal for an agreement to pay for a larger set of jobs than individual ones. Doing this can also minimize the disruptions to your home and make everything much more seamless.

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