CB Radio: What It Is And Why It Is On The Rise?

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Amateur radio has seen a rise in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The FCC has reported a significant increase among people seeking licenses for amateur radio.

What is CB radio?

CB (also known as Citizens Band) radio has various applications. CB radio offers localized, person-to-person communication in disaster relief efforts and emergencies. It is also used in construction to communicate with the crew, in trucks, and generally for recreational purposes. People who go on trips (such as hiking) to far-off places use CB radio to keep their family members informed about their whereabouts. Hence, one can use it for personal or business use. Drivers use CB radio for relegating information regarding the traffic.

CB radio allows two-way communication. The CB base antenna is in receiving mode and is mobile. Hence, you can carry it with you.

HAM radio is for hobbyists and personal use only. CB radio is also for people who enjoy radio communication as a hobby. However, you don’t require a license for it. Also, HAM radio makes use of high-powered equipment that covers a large range. The same is not true for CB radio.

Why is radio technology on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic?

CB radio and amateur radio have been on the rise. In the US, CB radio is commonly in use to connect family members and for disseminating information. The same trends can be seen in the UK, according to an article by the BBC. The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) says that people are returning to amateur radio, those that used to enjoy the activity as a hobby.

An interesting reason why people seem to return to amateur radio is because of the lockdown. With few activities to do, hobbyists returned to it to ease some of the mental stresses brought by the pandemic and the lockdown. In the UK, people were setting up online meetings to support those interested in CB radio.

The FCC estimates about 765,000 radio license holders in the US, and the numbers are rising since the pandemic started. Sites that provide amateur radio courses have also reported a rise in people signing up.

There are several reasons attributed to this. CB radio is a reliable source of communication, especially when the power is down. 

According to the CB Market Share Report, the CB market is likely to experience a “considerable” rise between 2021 and 2025. In 2021, the market saw a huge rise in CB radio. The report talks in-depth regarding essential players and the strategies they have adopted. CB radio is classed as handheld CB radio and fixed CB radio. The report looks at the use of CB radio in various industries, such as vehicles, recreation, and construction. In addition to this, the report looks at the demand and supply of CB radio. The report includes revenue and market share in the international market.


Apart from being a hobby for people, CB radio has many applications in different industries. People can benefit from it during emergencies and disasters.


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