Hobbyist Creates A Borderlands Game Laser Sniper Rifle


For all the gamers out there, Borderlands needs no introduction. For all the noobs out there; it was a great first person shooter game. Patrick Priebe is a German laser weapons hobbyist. This time he decided to let the game inspire him and has come up with a real life laser sniper rifle which is based on Borderlands!


The glitch with this is the fact that Priebe likes to create his own stuff and therefore, he states that the game is not specifically a re-creation of any particular weapon from Borderlands but if you were to take this creation and put it in the game, the weapon would fit quite nicely.

WhoaMoving to the specifications; the rifle has a body of steel and is about 0.9 meters long, has a weight of about 4.5 kgs and took Priebe a time period of two months to build. The logo on its side is that of Maliwan – Maliwan is a fictional weapons manufacturer which was employed in Borderlands.

Maliwan logoThe rifle comes with powerful lasers which are essentially two dual blue 1.5 watt lasers. It also comes equipped with 1-mW aiming laser which, for obvious reasons, comes in red color. The battery level is displayed on a scope mounted on top whereas the weapon is powered by a single lithium-ion battery. LED lights are mounted beneath the plexiglass and give the weapon its peculiar look.

The weapon was basically created for a customer and we would be unfair if we didn’t say that Priebe did a amazing job here. Check out the video below for more:

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