Hobbyist builds A Minuscule Model Of Space X’s Falcon 9 Rocket And Its Reusable

Falcon 9 model rocket

Space X is attempting to revolutionize space travel by making it less expensive, and they have just reduced the price for their space freight operations by half, and as rockets continue to be reused, the price will only come down even further. Their flagship Falcon 9 rocket has made more than 3 confirmed landings back on Earth with two of them coming on a floating barge in the middle of the ocean. This phenomenal piece of engineering has been transformed into a cult status and many people look up to it. A hobbyist Youtuber has just made a working model of the Falcon 9 rocket, and we see how he successfully lands it on a floating drone ship similar to Space X’s very own barge that is floating in his swimming pool. Here take a look:

The guy has already made the Imperial speeder from Last year commemorating the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This time around the Space X’s reusable rockets have become eye candy for the space enthusiasts, and the hobbyist tried to make a working model of the rocket too. It had a relatively simple build with a mix of custom and model rocket parts, and the thrust was provided by the Blade Inductrix 200 toy drone propellers. Since a rocket isn’t exactly powered by propellers on its way back to Earth, so he attached an obvious attachable flame made up of a piece of cloth that mimics the whole rocket while he is attempting to land it. There is also a set of landing “legs” that can be deployed in mid-flight. 

Falcon 9 model rocket3 Falcon 9 model rocket2

Source: Space X

But, unfortunately, the whole DIY rocket was just for fun, and he has no plans of selling it in the form of a kit which is a pity indeed. I would have loved the challenge of landing it myself!

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