Here’s The Video Of The Exact Moment When Tons Of Fireworks Exploded At A Mexican Market

CNN Mexico fireworks blast

Explosions blasted away a fireworks market in the north Mexico City this Tuesday, killing at least 29 people and injuring 72.

Such was the intensity of the accident that people reported feeling tremors beneath their feet even 40 kilometres away from the place of accident, as huge plumes of smoke filled the sky.

The town is famous for its pyrotechnics industry, and the massive San Pablito market is considered to be “the place” for buying fireworks. The injury numbers piled up as the markets were especially crowded due to the incoming Christmas and New Year celebrations.
The cause of the explosion is not known for now, but this is a shock as Tultepec is considered to be one of the safest markets in Mexico.

Below is the video of the terrible accident:

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