Here’s How You Can See Clearly Without Using Glasses

How to See Without Glasses   YouTube

If you have just managed to lose your contact lenses or ended up breaking your glasses and need a make-shift hack to be able to see clearly, then this guide is for you. You can get small boost for your vision by using only one hand. The trick has been posted by a You Tube Channel, Minute Physics, and has gained quite a popularity.

The process is very simple indeed, first of all you need to make a tiny hole by using your finger (curling up index finger works best) and look through it.How to See Without Glasses YouTube

It is not a replacement for corrective optical devices, however, is merely a booster that you can use for a couple of seconds.

According to one YouTube user, “I am very nearsighted, and I could read the text on my book across the room. Incredible!” Another said, “It works! That’s incredible! I’m actually stunned right now, this is great.”

On to the million dollar question of how does this trick work; the eyes lenses work by focusing light out thus creating a crisp image on retina while eye muscles squeeze them to allow us to focus at different distances.

By looking through a small hole, we are basically restricting the amount of light that manages to pass through it and since there is light coming in from only one source and one direction, there is no blurring and everything seems to be in focus.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of it!

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