Here’s How You Can Make An Awesome Shoe Rack Using PVC Pipe

shoe rack DIY

Do you have the habit of piling your shoes at the door soon after your primary shoe rack is overflowing with all kinds of footwear? There are two things you can do to stop this irregularity; 1. Make a new shoe rack and 2. Throw your beloved shoes away. If you are inclined to do the former, we have a simple DIY shoe rack for you that you can make at home.

Unlike other DIYs, you don’t need a lot of materials for this rack. You will need a standard PVC Pipe, some PVC Glue, several clamps and a spray paint for the finish. Remember that PVC glue is very strong and quick setting so you should wear gloves while using it or you will have your fingers stuck together for a long time. The PVC pipe is pretty affordable, and so are the rest of the materials. The pieces used in the video are about 10 inches long.

Once you get your hands on the stuff and are good to go, you have to decide how much compartments you will make since every person’s floor space and shoe requirements are different. The spray should only be used after the project is done or it may cause problems. Check out the video below for the complete guide:

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