Wonderful Engineering

Here’s How You Can Make A Strong Wire Or Rope Out Of Your Used Plastic Bottles

We live in a world where everyday a lot of material goes to waste and now people are focusing on recycling and instead of creating heaps of waste. Similarly, a Russian Youtuber has made a video on a splendid new idea. This guy has managed to turn plastic bottles into a strong wire that can be used as the need may be.

The methodology used basically works more or less like a cheese grater where the blade cuts the bottle at one edge and afterwards the cut part is turned until at the end, you are left with a spool of plastic rope.

Although the video is in Russian, but since the process is quite simple, you won’t have much of a difficulty in understanding what’s going on. The guy was able to pull the rope up to the length of his garden before the entire bottle was cut.

Using this rope is quite simple; the guy demonstrated it by using the rope to bong logs of wood and guess what; no knots are required! Since it’s plastic, you can simply heat and melt it down to provide quite a secure hold.

The video ends with him showing off how he created a bow and arrow from this plastic rope as well, so if you’re a fan of ‘Arrow’ this idea is for you! Check out the youtube video below