Here’s How You Can Make A Good Flytrap Using A Soda Bottle That Actually Works

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Flies and other airborne insects really deprive you of the peace of mind while working on the house. The hot and sweaty climate adds to the problem. Eventually, you get so frustrated that you spend a whole afternoon tracking and killing as much as possible before being invaded by them the very next day. We can’t stop their reproduction sites or their entrance into our houses, but you can do something about them by making a good flytrap.

There are many kinds of traps available in the market, but ours is inspired from nature itself. You know about the insect-eating plant named the Pitcher plant? It holds a generous amount of nectar to attract preying insects. Once they find it and poke their head in it, the trap closes and then these good-for-nothing flies are sucked in and digested by the plant. Although we would advise you against the eating part, this cool CIY focuses on the luring aspect of these plants, i.e., an amber liquid that they love.

All you need is a quarter teaspoon of yeast, quarter cup of brown sugar and a full cup of lukewarm water. Mix gently. The fermentation draws the flies, but then the co2 from the process suffocates them when they can’t get out. To see the trap in action, check out this video.

You’re welcome. You can see how the insects cram inside. Its like they can’t get enough!!

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