Here’s How You Can Make A Battery Out Of A Coca Cola Can

Battery from Cola Cans2

Coca Cola is one of the most beloved and enjoyed soft drink that you’ll find on Earth. However, did you know that instead of just gulping it down you could use it to generate electricity too? Well here’s a DIY guide that will tell you how to do it. Make sure you perform the task in a well-ventilated areaCans of Coca Cola for sale is displayed at a grocery store in Phoenix

1. Materials RequiredBattery from Cola Cans5

You’ll need a can of cola obviously and a copper coin. Apart from these two, you’ll need a can opener, crocodile clips and a wire wool

2. Get Rid of TopBattery from Cola Cans8

Open the can and pour the content out in a cup. Now use the can opener to cut off the top followed by cleaning and drying the insides of the can.

3. Remove Plastic CoatingBattery from Cola Cans6

The inside of the can has a plastic coating that will need to be removed. You can make use of the wire wool and drill to do this quickly. Once you’re done, remove the wire wool from the can too.

4. The Battery SetupBattery from Cola Cans7

Remember that cup that has your coke in it? Yes, pour it back in and attach one crocodile clip to the copper coin and dip it into the drink. Now take the other clip and attach it to the top of the cola can. You’ll notice that you do get a reading of voltage with this assembly.

5. Crank out MoreBattery from Cola Cans10

How do you juice out more power? Either throw in some salt or connect cans in series to crank out enough power to power a small LED.

6. Take It a Step Further

If you use drain cleaner as the electrolyte instead of cola you would be amazed to find out that this setup is capable of creating 2 voltages all by itself.

7. Whooo-AaahBattery from Cola Cans2

If you add them in series you’ll be able crank out quite some power from the setup and will be even able to charge your mobile battery.


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