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Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Dents In Wooden Furniture With Just Water


Small dents on wood furniture make them gruesome, especially when you are making one at home. It is painful to see all the hard work ruined by some uneven spots. Now many of you have to resort to chisel out that surface to make it look even or cover it up with a piece of cloth so that nobody can see the dents. What if I tell you there is a perfect DIY that can make things look even again in no time and it only requires water?

Now just pretend that the piece of wood furniture is actually an unironed shirt and you just have remove the dent here with the help of an iron. Trev25 from the Instructables team brought a dented piece of wood and straightened it out with some ironing magic.

Here is what you will need for this DIY:

Pour some water on the damaged area.

Now you cover it with a cloth just like when you are ironing a delicate fabric.

Now set your iron on its highest setting and apply it on top of the cloth.

Continue doing this till the water has dried out. Now you sand it down and enjoy the new look on the wood! As good as new.

Now you can save wood in your projects and even breath a new life in some damaged furniture.