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Here’s How You Can Convert An Old Gasoline Barrel Into A Bar BQ Grill

This Redditor had more than average dedication towards BBQ and decided to come up with a way that would allow him to cook year-round without spending on a new grill. He made use of an old gasoline barrel for this purpose. Check out his amazing DIY project below and let us know what you think of it.

The project started with this 200-liter gasoline barrel. (It was washed out a number of times, using sand, soap and water)

After a number of cycles with the sander, this is the look it featured.

Next he marked the barrel with tape at points where he would be cutting the metal.

Here’s the opening.

Heat resistant paint was done.

A frame where the barrel could rest on was made.

It is starting to make some sense now, right?

It is a good fit!

The hinges will be responsible for holding the cover on.

A handle and a hole for the thermometer were added to the assembly.

A few air-intake holes were added too.


A grate was placed inside.

The homemade contraception is ready to grill!