Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Wind Turbine At Home

Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Wind Turbine 3

The need for renewable and clean energy is the need of the moment and when you look at alternative sources of energy, wind energy seems like the most likely choice owing to the fact that it is low maintenance. To harness wind energy into electricity, all that is required is a generator that will be used for transforming the mechanical energy from movement of blades into electricity. Wind power is widely distributed, clean, utilizes little land and has no associated greenhouse gas emissions, thus rendering it as the perfect choice. Purchasing a wind turbine might cost you a bit too much but if you have time and energy, we suggest that you build one for yourself at your home. How? Read on!Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Wind Turbine

You’ll be needing a car alternator, directional vane, mount and stand, welding equipment and propellers for this project. We suggest that you invest in propellers because if you choose to make them yourself, there are a number of things you would have to pay attention to and messing up any one of them can render the project a failure. The propellers must features a curved leading edge so that air is able to force it away from the source. They will have to be balanced, of almost the same weight and must have their center of gravity centered.Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Wind Turbine 2

To transform wind energy into mechanical force, you will have to mount a number of propellers onto a rotating surface and also incorporate a directional vane to the back of the rotating wheel’s mount. The rear vane will allow to align the propeller assembly with the wind direction, thus making it possible for the turbine to work at maximum efficiency. Next step involves building a mount and stand for holding the alternator.Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Wind Turbine 3

Now connect the alternator to the propeller assembly by welding the alternator directly to the rotating wheel or by welding an appropriate automotive pulley to the surface of the wheel and driving the alternator using a belt. The latter allows for easier maintenance.

The video explains how you can build an alternator yourself.

The last step is to mount the alternator to the frame’s stand just below the propeller assembly. Once the generator components have been fastened together properly, you can mount it to the tower and connect the wires to the battery along with a charge controller to avoid over or under charging of the battery. You’re done, enjoy the renewable and free energy!Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Wind Turbine 4

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