Here’s Everything That Apple Unveiled At The WWDC

Apple WWDC 2

So we have all heard the news that Apple has shocked the world again at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), but what really did happen at the conference? This article will talk about what the company has unveiled and how it is better than what is already in the market. So, Apple introduced OS X10.10 Yosemite for the Mac and iOS 8 for iPhones and iPad along with a myriad of interesting software features and updates!Apple WWDC 8

OS X 10.10 Yosemite

We were introduced to OS X 10.0 ‘Cheetah’ back in 2001 and now after 13 years, Apple has released the new Mac OS known as OS X 10.10 Yosemite. This particular version of OS X takes a few design tips from iOS as well and users will immediately be able to point out that the latest OS X is more translucent and the user interface, which was graphical before has been flattened. Among many other tweaks that have been performed; the search tool; Spotlight has been powered up as well and it searches the internet in addition to the computer files. The notification center has been optimized and now supports widgets. The demo that was provided on stage shows a calculator widget being dragged to the menu. The Mail app has been upgraded and now you can send files up to 5 GB in size without any hurdle and you can edit and doodle email attachments while remaining on the Mail App. The OS also supports a new synergy feature being called Continuity. Users will be able to switch between their Apple products and work seamlessly whether they are using their Mac or the iPad. Users will also be able to call from their Mac by virtue of being an iPhone owner. Oh and the Yosemite is free for anyone who owns a Mac.Apple WWDC 3

iOS 8

iOS 7 was a major disappointment if not an utter failure. The reason being that the OS didn’t have the necessary polishing that is expected from an apple product. It lacked the finish which is crucial to any product if it has to be successful in the market. Users complained about all features lacking something; too bright colors, icons too flat, 3D parallax motion effect and what not. So we are not really surprised when we realized that iOS 8 is not different but rather a much improved version of iOS 7.Apple WWDC 7 Apple WWDC 6

First off, finally we have interactive notifications; respond or ignore the message from the notification tab instead of going to the app. Tap the home button to bring up the favorite contacts list and type with much more ease now on your iPhone. The QuickType has finally brought smart predictive typing. How much smart is it really? If you are talking to your boss; it won’t recommend using the word dude which you might use a lot when talking to your BFF. You will also have more options available when it comes to messaging. The iOS 8 also brings a centralized app by the name of Health. It will collect data from third party apps and will provide you with an overall picture of how you are doing as far as your health is concerned. In short; it has improved a lot.  You will find that Siri has improved, also the photos app and that’s not all; all the pictures you take with your iPhone shall be synced to other iOS device you own.Apple WWDC 4 Apple WWDC 5


Apple has also shown interest in bringing a centralized system for all the smart gadgets and appliances. HomeKit is something that aims at being the ‘common network protocol’ by connecting the appliances and gadgets. This will allow you to take control of your home via your iPhone. You can see more on WWDC below:


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