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Here’s A Sneak Peak Into How Trump’s Proposed $25 billion Wall Would Look Like

Donald Trump, the President-elect of the United States, has made several “outlandish” promises on his way to the oval office. And one of them was to build a “beautiful” wall along the US-Mexico border to keep the illegal Mexican immigrants out.

The wall has been termed utterly impractical, with an estimated cost of construction reaching $25 billion and border patrol cost estimated to be an additional $2.1 billion per year.

Mexican architects from Estudio 3.14, decided to “visualise” the craziness of the idea, as they rendered a pink wall stretching the 1,954 miles border called the “Prison-Wall.”

The results are shown below!


The colour pink was chosen as it had to be a “beautiful” thing.

Agustin Avalos/Estudio 314

The design is a result of the Mexican architect Luis Barragán, who created the wall using his trademark bright and attractive art.

Agustin Avalos/Estudio 314

The harsh landscape such as mountain ranges will only add to the cost. And since most of the areas are dense and arid, building a “thick, tall, impenetrable” wall would take at least 16 years to build.

According to the artist, the wall is a “megalomaniac architectural proposal”.

The artist went above and beyond, and also included a prison for the immigrants which could hold up to 11 million people.

The wall is planned to be stretching from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico, separating the south-west US from northern Mexico.

But hey, at least the Americans can enjoy a shopping mall that’s built adjacent to the wall.

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