Trump To Write Executive Orders For The Construction Of Mexico Border Wall


The world laughed and ridiculed his every move, every promise and every statement. One after another, he has defied all odds and has proven that what seems impossible to the world is still feasible for him. From his selection as the Republican nominee to him beating Hillary in an unprecedented and convincing fashion, President Donald Trump has been marching on ruthlessly. Trampling anyone or anything that gets in his way.

In a similar way, all of us have been mocking his “outrageous” Mexico wall, and how this was just a publicity stunt and can never be realized. Well surprise, surprise! Trump is just about to give executive orders to start the construction of the wall, probably proving one final time that he is not messing about in his promises.

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His stance has changed from “making Mexico pay for the wall”  to “we will make them reimburse the costs.” The controversial order has caught everyone by surprise who simply were not anticipating this divisive measure to materialize.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday evening,

But even if his plans “have already appropriated federal funds,” according to The New York Times, the orders alone are not enough to start the construction. This mega project will also require authorization from the Congress. Trump will certainly have a hard time convincing them that Mexico will pay for the wall in the future, as their leaders have staunchly refused so far.

The project cost for the wall is around $6.5 million per mile, according to the Government Accountability Office. With the Mexico border stretching around 1900 miles, this makes the cost go in billions of taxpayer’s money. And even if Trump’s said that the wall would only be built over 1000 miles with natural obstacles covering the rest, it is unclear from where the massive funds will come.
Image Via Gage Skidmore on Flickr
The BBC reports that around 650 miles already have some fence or structure, but it adds that the wall could still cost at least $6.5 billion dollars, to begin with, and this does not include the money required for maintenance and security.

The United States would have to take out another $4.2 million per mile for further fencing, while Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California estimated the final cost to be around $14 billion!

Given the outrageous estimates, we can only conclude that Trump is rather “hoping” for a vehement opposition so that he can find a scapegoat to put the blame on and bury this crazy idea for good.

One can only hope!

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