Here Is What You Can Do When You Have 50,000 Coins

What To Do When You Have 50,000 Coins

We cover a number of articles that are about DIY projects, however, we believe none of them come close to this amazing DIY project completed by a Chinese man. He was featured in the news last week for creating an amazingly detailed model of his hometown using only coins. He spent a total of one month on the project during which he used coins from 11 different countries and stacked them up to complete the model filled with roads, skyscrapers and bridges. Want to know something more amazing? He didn’t even use glue!What To Do When You Have 50,000 Coins 3

He Peiqi told that he has used his contacts from the coin trading industry to amass tens of thousands of coins for his project. Once he had the coins ready, he got to work on the floor of his apartment every day for a complete month for 2 hours per day. He intricately placed coins atop of one another to create a general layout of the Chongqing City. The model makes use of green and red agate stones for the representation of two major water bodies; Jialing River and Yangtze River. It also features major landmarks such as E’gongyan Bridge, 28 bridges on Jialing River and bridges on Yangtze River.What To Do When You Have 50,000 Coins 2

He said; ‘Ancient Chinese coins, current day Chinese coins and foreign coins have all been used. I have paid particular attention to the main landmarks including the East Water and Chaotian Gates as well as Nanbing Petronas Towers i.e. Sheraton Hotel also.”

The model, owing to the fact that no glue has been used, is quite fragile and in fact, when the reporters were visiting his apartment, he told them sternly, “Be careful not to touch it!”


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