Here Is How You Can Make An Ukulele Out Of Wood At Home


Ukuleles are also known as Ukes as well and bring harmony and tune to your vocals when you play it while singing. It  is one of the most fascinating musical instruments. Imagine yourself playing it on a bright sunny day in your lawn. Ukuleles are easily available in market, so what is the need to carve one out of the wood, yourself? Well, who doesn’t want to own an instrument of music which can be played at parties and win the hearts of the audience. This guy decided he needed to make a Ukulele at home. He started with sheets of wood and this is how the process proceeded.

The first step was to take two wood boards and trace the patterns of Ukulele on them.


The next step was to cut through as per the identified pattern and also leave a space for a hole through which sound was produced.


The sides of a guitar were traced to form the sides of the Ukulele and was attached to the front side by using a glue.  The vices helped a lot in keeping constant pressure on the wood.


Tadaa ! Time to attach the front and back. The Braces kept the wood straight and unbent.


The specialized clamps actually held the body together.


The rosette inlay was added to the sound hole part.


Mahogany was used for the neck and dark rosewood was chosen for fretboard and headstock.


The most interesting part was adding dots and strings to the neck .


Once the neck was attached to the body,  the tuning keys were then allocated to the upper side of the neck. The next part was to add strings to the body.


A little tarnish made the ukulele look really pretty and suddenly a warm feeling started becoming attached to it.


The next step was to put the entire thing back, firm, and in place.


And here is the final look.





The final product is looking even better when kept in a cover. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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