Here Are The 11 Smallest Gadgets In The World

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10 smallest gadgets

People are getting obese and gadgets are getting smaller and lighter, this seems to be the trend nowadays. Today we are going to present you with ten of the smallest gadgets in the world. These are fully functional electronic items and some of these might not be available commercially available as of yet.

1. Smallest Color TV screen
smallest colour TV

The small size of this screen raises questions of its usefulness. It is primarily used for making a pair of TV glasses. The size is almost the half of a postal stamp. It would be useful for viewing up close. You can get one here

2. Xun-Chi 138- The Smallest Camera Phone

10 smallest gadgets3

This camera-phone measures 2.64 inches in length and has a miniscule weight of 55 grams. It comes with a 1.3 Megapixel camera along with a touch screen, handwriting recognition, Mp3, and GPRS. You can get one here

3. Space Cube- The Smallest Tower Computer

10 smallest gadgets4

It is a product of Smahimafuji company. The computer has a 300 MHz processor, 1 GB flash memory, and 64Mb SD RAM. It also supports a USB port, VGA slot and jacks for headphones and speakers.

4. Gen H-4- The Smallest personal Helicopter

10 smallest gadgets5

Four minuscule 125cc engines power the helicopter. It has a top speed of 59 miles per hour and a flight time of 30 minutes.

5. Thinnest USB Stick

10 smallest gadgets6

This USB stick is 4mm thick, and it can transfer data @ 3m MB/s. It is so small and light that you are probably going to lose it. You can get one here

6. Smallest Functional Robot

10 smallest gadgets7

10 smallest gadgets8

It is as thick as your average strand of hair on the beard. The microbot was the smallest robot ever made by quite a margin. It will have useful bio applications in the future.

7. Smallest Camcorder

10 smallest gadgets9

The smallest camcorder is as large as an average gum packet. It can record video for 2 hours straight in a 1 GB memory. You can get one here

8. Smallest USB Bluetooth adapter

10 smallest gadgets10

It only sticks out 7 mm from the edge of the USB. The device can be connected to any Bluetooth gadget, and you can leave it connected to the port as it is so small that it doesn’t stick o ut at all. You can get one here

9. The Smallest Mouse

10 smallest gadgets11

Having a total area of 1 centimeters square, this is the most minute pointing device ever made. It may be incorporated into devices in the near future.

10. Mint V10: The Smallest Projector in the World

10 smallest gadgets12

Despite what cell phone companies claim, the projection technology isn’t that advanced as the Mint V10 is what we have achieved till now. You can get one here

11. Smallest Solar Power Vehicle

10 smallest gadgets

The solar panel, a small circuit, and electric motor make up this cute ride. The dimensions are 3.3 x 2.2 x 1.4 cm. You can get one here


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