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Here Are Some Things That You Never Knew Siri Could Do For You

Siri Tips and Tricks

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Despite the availability of the most luxurious of technologies, the human of today is busier than ever. While bringing us so many abilities in a device as tiny as the smartphone, the technological era is also taking certain skills away from us. People, who remembered dozens of phone numbers a decade ago have a hard time memorizing their own. We have tools to help us remind of tasks that we may forget ourselves, but sometimes in the haphazard of life, we even forget to mark reminders. If you pay enough attention, you find the solution within the same little device that is quite often the cause of your distraction.

With every good smartphone comes a voice assistant. The iPhone voice assistant Siri may not be the best of all, but it has all the provisions necessary to keep your life in order. This is only if you know how to use it correctly, and explore every feature that the voice assistant has to offer.

Activate Siri

You may have already explored your phone enough to know that you can activate Siri either by holding down the home button on your iPhone or by pressing the center button on your Earpods. If you enable the “Hey Siri” feature on your phone, all you need is to say “Hey Siri” and command it to do all tasks for you.


Making Calls and Sending Texts

You can tell Siri to establish a relationship with a particular contact on the phone. Then you can ask it to call or text them simply by asking her to call “Mom,” “Dad” or whoever else you have established a relationship with.

If you want to call or text someone you do not have a relationship with, all you need to do is to use the words “Call” or “FaceTime,” say the name of the contact you want to connect to and Siri will dial it for you. Same goes for the texts, and she will also type the text for you. The assistant can even handle other social media apps like Skype, Twitter, emails, and iMessage. The video below will guide you through the basics:


Reminders and To-Do Lists

Half the time we forget to even set the reminder because who opens the phone and does that immediately anyway. So you can ask Siri to do it for you. It will open your calendar, set up a task, or a reminder and even create and review lists.

Event Organization

Organizing an event may not sound like a difficult task from far away, but once you get to do it, it is highly pressurizing. The key to doing it best is perfect planning, and you no longer need to carry around diaries, and calendars with you. You can have Siri organize all your event plans with all the little details.


Siri will not only navigate your way through any unknown place with voice instructions, but it will also keep you informed about the traffic situations on your path.


Playing music and getting pictures are one of the biggest reasons all of us want to get smartphones and Siri will assist you there as well. Your personal DJ can go through your music lists and play the songs by any artist that you ask.

Cinema, Movie, and Location Details

Every time you want to watch a movie you have to look through the cinema, movie details, google the trailers, and then see if you want to watch the movie. You can have Siri go through that painstaking process and tell you about the film times, reviews about it, and all other details for you to choose.

Stay Updated with Sports and Game Scores

The video below will teach you the simple commands that you can use to stay in touch with latest matches, score details, and the schedules.

Spot Airplanes

If you just have too much time to waste, you can kill your boredom by spotting planes flying above your heads. You can even check the flight status when you are traveling yourself. The video below will tell you how.

Restaurant Reservations

Going through a list of restaurants and choose a place to eat can be a hectic task. Siri will go through a list, find a place and make a reservation for you.


Third party apps

In the older versions of iOS, Siri could only control the built-in apps of theiPhone, like iMessage, FaceTime, etc. The most recent iOS 10 system can let you control other apps like Twitter with Siri.


This is one feature that probably everyone is aware of. The voice assistant can search things for you on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If you need computational assistance, Siri can help you with Wolfram Alpha as well.

App Store Search

Not only can Siri help you with a google search, but it can also look through the App Store for anything you need as well.

Interesting Conversations

If you have run out of interesting conversations to have with humans, Siri can be your boredom survival kit. The list of silly things you can say to Siri is endless, and it will give you pretty hilarious answers.

Siri is your fun friend and assistant in one. Enjoy it and make the best out of your phone and your life by maximizing your productivity every day. If there is anything that we missed out on, let us know in the comments.


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