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This Would Be The Size And Design Of A Building That Could Fit The Entire World’s Population

Could Fit The Entire World's Population

This would probably be a dream come true for every terrorist, but it is still an interesting experiment. YouTube’s Real Life Lore decided to find the answer to a question that most of us would never have considered before: Can everyone in the entire world live in one building?

While the question should replace “live” with “stand” or “fit in,” but the video still has been racking up some decent views as it looks to find a way to fit in 7.4 billion people under one roof.

Surprisingly, the answer comes out with a building not that big at all. In fact, the red cube in the picture above would do the trick and would take just a few blocks of Manhattan.

The video does some calculation and suggests that a giant cube 4,416 feet tall, which is a little over .8 miles on every side, would be enough to fit in every person on the Earth. The Burj Khalifa measures up at 2,723 feet so, the height, in comparison, is not far-fetched at all!

Pic Credits; gizmodo

The calculations leave only coffin’s amount of space for each person, so while such a building would never be inhabitable, mainly due to the unbearable WiFi speeds (Oh, the Horror!), but the idea is still fascinating.

Many current structures can hold a massive number of people like the Rungrado Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea with the capacity of 114,000 people and the outdoor stadium at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway holding 235,000 people.

Below are some of the mega structures that can hold crazy number of individuals at a time,

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