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Here Are 40 Maps That Will Tell You More About The World Than A Thousand Books


Maps and their statistics have the capability of holding a tonne of information in a very small set of space. Have you wondered how many countries follow the left-hand drive and how many the reverse? What are the busiest air routes and numerous other useful and useless sets of information that makes you feel superior? Well here are 40 maps that will teach you more about the world than you may have ever known before:

1. Availability of Google Street View

2. Countries that use the British System of Units (Apparently even Britain itself doesn’t use them)

3. Countries Britain has never attacked

4. Pangea (Ancient singular land mass) with modern day boundaries

5. McDonald’s Stats

6. Paid Maternal Leave Offered. Only USA and a few others don’t!

7. Most common Surnames in Europe

8. Driving Orientation across the World!


9. Different Time Zones followed in Antarctica

10. Internet Usage in the World


11. Busiest Air Routes


12. More People in this circle than outside


13. Flags of nations

14. Consumption of Pure Alcohol

15. Map of Alcohol Beverage Consumption

16. Map of all rivers in America.

17. Highest Paid Public Employees in States

18. Earthquakes and their Intensity.

19. 28,000 rubber duckies were found at all these places after they fell off a cargo ship

20. Bribe Zones of the World

21. Vegetation of the planet.

22. First Sexual experience Age

23. If the world had a population density of these cities, how much area they would cover?

24. Researchers Per Million; A measure of higher education

25. Major Oil Routes Across the World (This has changed with the discovery of Shale)

26. The 7,000 Tributaries of Mississippi River

27. Writing Systems Prevalent in the World

28. Coffee consumption around the world

29. The Economic Center of the World Through the Ages- Moving towards the East again

30. World Divided into 7 Regions with 1 Billion Population Each

31. Population density by latitude and Longitude.


32. United States if Placed on Moon

33. Frequency of Lightning Strikes

34. Water Risk to Populations.

35. Areas under Danger from Piracy


36. Ludacris’ Hoes

37. Area of Australia having population

38. Longest uninterrupted Straight Route (Karachi, Pakistan-Russian Kamchatka)

39. Literal meaning of European countries in Chinese


40. World Map Upside-Down