Here Are 40 Maps That Will Tell You More About The World Than A Thousand Books


Maps and their statistics have the capability of holding a tonne of information in a very small set of space. Have you wondered how many countries follow the left-hand drive and how many the reverse? What are the busiest air routes and numerous other useful and useless sets of information that makes you feel superior? Well here are 40 maps that will teach you more about the world than you may have ever known before:

1. Availability of Google Street View

40 different Maps

2. Countries that use the British System of Units (Apparently even Britain itself doesn’t use them)

40 different Maps2

3. Countries Britain has never attacked

40 different Maps3

4. Pangea (Ancient singular land mass) with modern day boundaries
40 different Maps4

5. McDonald’s Stats
40 different Maps5

6. Paid Maternal Leave Offered. Only USA and a few others don’t!

40 different Maps6

7. Most common Surnames in Europe

40 different Maps7

8. Driving Orientation across the World!

40 different Maps8


9. Different Time Zones followed in Antarctica
40 different Maps9

10. Internet Usage in the World

40 different Maps10


11. Busiest Air Routes
40 different Maps10


12. More People in this circle than outside

40 different Maps12


13. Flags of nations
40 different Maps13

14. Consumption of Pure Alcohol

40 different Maps14

15. Map of Alcohol Beverage Consumption

40 different Maps15

16. Map of all rivers in America.

40 different Maps16

17. Highest Paid Public Employees in States

40 different Maps17

18. Earthquakes and their Intensity.
40 different Maps18

19. 28,000 rubber duckies were found at all these places after they fell off a cargo ship
40 different Maps19

20. Bribe Zones of the World
40 different Maps20

21. Vegetation of the planet.
40 different Maps21
22. First Sexual experience Age

40 different Maps22

23. If the world had a population density of these cities, how much area they would cover?
40 different Maps23

24. Researchers Per Million; A measure of higher education

40 different Maps24

25. Major Oil Routes Across the World (This has changed with the discovery of Shale)
40 different Maps25

26. The 7,000 Tributaries of Mississippi River
40 different Maps26

27. Writing Systems Prevalent in the World
40 different Maps28

28. Coffee consumption around the world
40 different Maps29

29. The Economic Center of the World Through the Ages- Moving towards the East again
40 different Maps30

30. World Divided into 7 Regions with 1 Billion Population Each
40 different Maps31

31. Population density by latitude and Longitude.
40 different Maps32


32. United States if Placed on Moon
40 different Maps34

33. Frequency of Lightning Strikes

40 different Maps36

34. Water Risk to Populations.
40 different Maps37

35. Areas under Danger from Piracy
40 different Maps38


36. Ludacris’ Hoes

40 different Maps39
37. Area of Australia having population

40 different Maps40

38. Longest uninterrupted Straight Route (Karachi, Pakistan-Russian Kamchatka)
40 different Maps41

39. Literal meaning of European countries in Chinese
40 different Maps42


40. World Map Upside-Down

40 different Maps43


  1. Will Reply

    Love how according to the map there are absolutely no bribery in the USA at all yet there is in almost every other country on the planet. I don’t even think I’d believe it if there was just less!

  2. Rudi kramp Reply

    I would have a world map of countries using the NTSC, PAL and SECAM television broadcasting systems.

  3. Naitik Reply

    Driving map is wrongly attributed. Please correct!
    India is a right hand drive and US is left hand drive.

  4. Will Reply

    Street View is available in East Malaysia so that map is wrong.

  5. Heinrich Ferreira Reply

    The world upside down map looks like a duck is f@#*ing a chicken.
    The rest of the maps are amazing. Puts a new perspective on things.

  6. Brad Reply

    Take all the maps of just the USA out and leave all the world maps.
    Now that would be wonderful.

  7. Alan Reply

    Some great maps here, apart from one….

    No. 2. “Apparently even Britain itself doesn’t use them”

    The British use Imperial and Metric side by side in numerous things – pints used for beer, cider and bitter, gallons still in use for petrol alongside litres, road transport and speed is measured in miles (mph), inches and feet are still commonly used for height, weights of products are labelled with both on most food items, yards is the most common measurement when talking about playing fields in sports and acres in commercial properties and stones and ounces are regularly used to weigh a person.

    So this is pretty much wrong and an urban myth.

    • Gamma2626 Reply

      Well you shouldn’t be proud of using miles, I’m from the USA and I wish we didn’t. Simply makes sense to go with the standard of meters etc. What’s up with 12 inches in one foot?? (I know you never said you were proud of it but assuming so XD)

  8. Armando Landa G. Reply

    Excellent teaching for adults as well as kids. Maps can boost education in many countries. We need more maps like yours. And with easy access. English is oK. Do not abuse in adds though.

  9. Faizal Evans Reply

    All this maps are really amazing.I shocked when i saw 16th map which show all the rivers of U.S.A.

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