Google Maps Error Sends Hundreds Of Tourists To A Small Village In Norway


Among many ways, technology makes our lives easier; navigation is among the top ten for sure. Given how reliable it can be, how easier steering through unknown and sometimes uncharted territories can it make, especially putting Paper-maps on out of date list, man they were hard to read.

But the reliability of Google Maps raised some eyebrows when Google maps questioned the famous J. R. R. Tolkien’s quote ‘Not all who wander are lost.’ The tourists were misdirected 20 miles off their optimal course, in Norway. Was it done to make you feel more like a traveler than a tourist? No, it wasn’t.

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The tourists intended to visit the famous Preikestolen Cliff in the municipality of Forsand in Rogaland county, Norway. The place is most visited among natural places in Norway, with over 15,000-20,000 visitors in 2012 alone. However, Google Maps guided them to an unintended destination, Fossmork Village about 20 miles away, through an unpleasant road. On the bright side, the cliff is visible from the village, but that’s not why people came to Rogaland.

As a last stance when tourists ask the locals they are redirected to their actual destination through the unpleasant road, once more.Helge Fossmark, One of the Locals reported between 10-15 cars a day being retracted in summers.

Google Maps

In response to the incident Aftenposten, Norwegian Media, was told by Google-Norway that “We are constantly working to improve Google Maps, and encourage people to report any problems they find so that we can make sure we resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

So if You intend to visit the lovely place, look out for the error in Google’s Maps. Unless you don’t mind getting lost for 40 miles, then it’s alright.

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