Here Are 22 Ways How People Are Using Drones To Stay Connected During Quarantine

How People Are Staying Connected Using Drones During Quarantine

Almost all of us are confined to our homes for an unspecified period of time thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus making it more important than ever that we maintain communication and social contact as much as is possible. However, we need to practice social distancing and that has led to drone communications. What follows is a list of 22 ingenious ways that people are utilizing drones during this pandemic.

22. This photographer has been using drones for taking pictures of families from the comfort of their balconies.

21. This dog went out on a walk with the drone.

20. These neighbors are using drones for the sake of socializing.

How People Are Staying Connected Using Drones During Quarantine

19. This lad used a drone for picking up a girl.

18. This friend in need used a drone for delivering toilet paper to his mate.

17. Chinese authorities are using drones to persuade people to wear masks.

16. Drones are used for collecting footage of cities around the world.

15. This is a drone-ghost that is being used to scare people off the streets.

14. This mysterious drone is being used for keeping citizens indoors in NYC.

13. This drone was used by a photographer to warn an elderly neighbor to wear a mask.

12. This restaurant is enforcing social distancing using drones.

How People Are Staying Connected Using Drones During Quarantine

11. A couple quarantined on a cruise ship received wine thanks to drone delivery.

10. An Italian mayor has been using drones for keeping his citizens under control.

9. Coffee delivery has also been made possible thanks to drones.

8. Streets in Dubai are being sanitized using drones.

7. People under quarantine are using drones for sharing video games.

6. Here’s a parent homeschooling his daughter using a drone.

5. Others are sharing inspiring photos using their drones to help people stay sane.

4. Another home delivery of toilet paper made possible thanks to a drone.

3. Spanish authorities are also relying on drone communication for getting people off the streets.

2. Drones are also being used for delivering beer.

1. This church also used drone delivery for helping their flock while communion took place.

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