20 Ways People Are Being Creative During Quarantine

20 Ways People Are Being Creative During Quarantine!

People have more time on their hands than they have become accustomed to and while it is the cause of frustration for a lot of folks, many people are actually putting their creativity into good use during the quarantine life. We have put together a list of some of these creativity feats for you all to enjoy as you spend your days inside your home during this quarantine period. Check it out below and do let us know what you think of it!

20. This amazing lady is ready to blur the lines between reality and gaming while she is under quarantine!

19. This couple’s creativity is helping it to spend time during the quarantined life.

18. Phil Collins while using kitchen stuff is epic!

17. These friends decided to recreate their daily London commute in their shower.


16. This guy has been practicing slow-motion skiing while being under self-isolation.

15. This lad has been staying fit and entertained during the quarantine.

14. And this is how you practice waiting for a court hearing when you’re stuck at home.

13. These guys made use of RPE, PPE, and other items to perform a DJ set.

12. These roommates have been trying to recreate famous paintings!

11. People are really missing the commute!

10. This mom converted the family garage into a nightclub for her son’s 21st birthday.


9. Check out this puppet eating cars!

8. This guy is also recreating famous paintings while dealing with quarantine.

7. Remote workers are still trying to figure out what’s wrong!

6. The sense of humor is also taking a hit.

5. This teacher is giving a lecture to his pet cats.

4. A regular game of tic-tac-toe with your cat.

3. Robot cleaners are being used to create Olympic games.

2. Window tennis is a thing now!

1. Dream jobs are now possible.


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