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Here Are 20 Secrets Of Airlines That You Did Not Know Before

How much do you know about airlines and what goes on inside airlines during flight? Well, after going through these 20 secrets, you’d know a lot more and not all of this knowledge will make you feel better. Still, you will find the facts interesting, folks! So go on, read the list and let us know what you think of it.

20. Oxygen masks have oxygen worth 15 minutes in them.

19. During preparation for a case of emergency evacuation, the airplane lights are dimmed while landing in order to make it easier for your eyes to adjust.

18. Meals for pilots are different from the meals for passengers.

17. Lightning strikes airplanes quite often.

16. Many flight attendants do not turn off their cell phones after the passengers are told to do so.

15. Inexperienced pilots are working with big airlines as well.

14. Human organs might be travelling on your flight as well.

13. Pilot and copilot usually distribute work load into equal parts ignoring the difference in ranks.

12. Authority to make arrests rests with pilot once the plane doors are closed.

11. Large fees can be avoided by gate checking the luggage.

10. Some pilots sleep during flights.

9. Tipping your flight attendant ensures that you’ll have first-class service no matter where you sit.

8. A secret lock on the outside of an airplane bathroom allows flight attendants to unlock the door in case someone ends up locking themselves in.

7. During rainy days, hard landing is intentional to allow the pilot to break through the coating of slick on the runway in case of storm.

6. The water used to brew coffee and tea aboard the plane may not be as clean as you’d like it to be.

5. Most of the items found in the SkyMall magazine can be found on the Internet for a much smaller price.

4. If a flight attendant hears anything vibrating in your bag while they put it in an overhead compartment, they will have to open the bag up and inspect it.

3. Even though they come wrapped in plastic, those headphones the airline gives you are far from new.

2. Not locking your luggage (with a TSA-approved lock) puts your bags at risk of being opened by ramp agents, gate agents, and even fellow passengers.

1. The pillows and blankets that flight attendants hand out are often reused.