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20 Products That Are Now Being Made Using 3D Printing

3D printing sure has become the bread and butter of the technology and science family with its amazing perks of convenience and low cost. It has contributed towards a lot of fields and we decided to show you an overview of what this amazing technology has accomplished. We have compiled a list of 20 products that have been created using 3D printers. Check them out and let us know what you think of them.

20. 3D Printers

Did you know 3D printers can print 3D printers? The RepRap machine will cost you $600 dollars but is capable of printing itself again and again.

19. Adult Products

3DEA sells customizable 3D printed products for adults in New York City.

18. Pizza

Funded by NASA, this 3D printer is capable of printing a pizza!

17. Bikinis

This 3D printed bikini is waterproof and, reportedly, the only swimsuit that becomes comfortable upon getting wet.

16. Guitars

Musicians can 3D print guitars!

15. Educational products

Educational models and maps can be 3D printed thus reducing their cost and increasing their accessibility.

14. Shoes

In Future of Fashion exhibition carried out in Amsterdam, these shoes were printed by fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen.

13. Flutes

Known as ‘shakuhachi,’ this is a 3D printed flute – the traditional Chinese flute that dates back to 8th century. The flute has been printed with bronze.

12. Medical Models

Cadavers will soon be out of business because 3D printed medical models are becoming mainstream.

11. Custom-Fit Clothing

Custom-fit clothing can be printed by using your body’s data. This way of manufacturing clothes leaves no waste behind and makes the whole process environment friendly.

10. Bartending Machines

Bartenders, beware! 3D printed machines are capable of mixing up and serving any kind of drink that the user wants.

9. Ears

3D printed ears are created from cartilage cells of cow and collagen from rat tails. These are incubated for a period of 3 months before they can be transplanted.

8. Camera Lenses

By 3D printing camera lenses, their price will become affordable as compared to the expensive camera lenses available right now.

7. Cars

Yes, cars are being 3D printed as well and the first of them is known as ‘Urbee’ and can run for 200 miles per gallon gas.

6. Houses

Still in development phase though, this sure looks amazing! A number of plans are in the pipeline to 3D print houses.

5. Bicycles

Check out the amazing 3D printed trail bike that can be completely customized and is made of titanium.

4. Skin Grafts

Once the wound of the patient has been scanned, skin can be 3D printed and applied on the wounded area.

3. Meat

Modern Meadow is a US based start-up that has come up with a 3D printed meat prototype. Although the meat isn’t ready for human consumption, it resembles real meat quite well.

2. Guns

Yes, guns and that too the kind that can fire live rounds.

1. Fetuses

As always, such a thing could come from Japan only. At a cost of $840, the Japanese company will print a 3D model of a fetus after conducting an ultrasound.

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