Harrowing Footage Shows A Passenger Flight Cabin Filling Up With Smoke Before It Had To Make An Emergency Landing


A Delta Air Lines flight had to do an emergency landing on Tuesday after the plane’s cabin was filled with smoke.

Delta flight 2846 departed from Atlanta to Los Angeles when a smoky smell was observed in the cabin, an airline spokesperson tells PEOPLE. Crew members also noticed a performance issue with one of the aircraft’s two engines. The two incidents combined, asked for an emergency landing.

The footage was posted on social media and the seated passengers were present there in a visibly hazy cabin while an alarm goes off.

“Everything was normal and then suddenly there was smoke in the cabin,” Mason Weiner, one of the passengers who captured footage from the flight, told NBC News.

The passenger stated that flight attendants helped keep everybody calm, told them that “it wasn’t a fire” and that they should “keep seated.”

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration said that there was also a report of smoke in the cockpit. Fortunately, the flight landed safely around 2:45 p.m. local time in Albuquerque.

The reason for the smoke is still not known.

Journalist Matt Johnson said that after the flight landed safely, passengers showed their appreciation to the flight crew.

“Our pilots received a round of applause from stranded passengers,” he wrote on social media, adding in another message that the flight attendants were also applauded.

After landing, Delta used another aircraft to continue the trip to Los Angeles.

“Nothing is [more] important than the safety of our customers and crew,” a Delta spokesperson said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. “That’s why our flight crew followed procedures to safely divert flight 2846 on Nov. 1 to Albuquerque.”

“Delta teams worked safely and quickly to get our customers on their way that evening and we apologize for the delay in their travel plans,” the spokesperson added.


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