What Would Happen If You Never Saw The Sun?

Ask any Britisher, and he can tell you from first-hand experience. But jokes apart, what would be the effect on a human having no exposure to the sun throughout his life?

Just imagine something detonates, or explodes, or crashes into the earth, and casts thick clouds over the horizon that stretch far and wide and bring in an age of absolute darkness on the planet! So assuming that a human being could survive in that atmosphere, how would that affect the body?

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As illustrated in the video below, sunlight is indeed a very important to remain healthy. As most of us now know, sunlight is an important constituent in creating Vitamin D within our bodies. Small amounts of Vitamin D can be found in food like meat, offal, oily fish and, to a lesser degree, egg, but they nearly aren’t in enough quantities to fulfill our bodily requirements.

This might seems like a small thing, but Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, which is a condition where the bones become weak and painful.

Other research also indicates that lack of sunlight exposure also leads to a host of other health problems which include a raised risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, muscle weakness, diabetes and even bowel and breast cancer.

It is understandable as well from the biological point of view, since our bodies have evolved over millions of years while thriving below the beating sun and without much cloth covering for most of our history. The “technological revolution” and the high rise buildings blocking sunlight are only a thing of very recent past. Thus our bodies are bound to literally ache for sunlight.

Watch the video below to learn more about the effect of sunlight deprivation on a human body! And if you have any other information to add, don’t be shy to use the comments box below!

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    I would love to do those jobs that aren’t possible in day light.

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