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Hackers Break Into Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram, Twitter And Pinterest Accounts

Hackers Break Into Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram, Twitter And Pinterest Accounts_Image 4

In spite of being the founder of one of the most well-known social media platforms, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was dealt a severe blow when his lesser known social media accounts were infiltrated by the hackers.



The hackers gained access to the Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter accounts of Zuckerberg. The brief access to the Facebook mogul’s social media accounts was used by the hackers for bragging. However, most of the posts by these hackers were removed quite quickly.



Earlier, Kat Perry had to endure the same fate when her Twitter account was hacked. Notably, Perry is currently the most followed person on Twitter with her massive 89.2 million followers.

It appears as if Zuckerberg did not anticipate that even the old accounts are vulnerable to new attacks.