Did Facebook Ask You To Sign-In Again? Your Facebook Account Might Have Been Hacked

Facebook Security Breach

A new data breach of Facebook has affected nearly 50 million of its users. Unidentified hackers manipulated the code of the social network and logged into several users account. The hack was discovered by the company this week. Facebook is currently investigating the origins of the hack and the scale on which it was conducted. Due to the breach, nearly 90 million users were logged out of their accounts on the morning of last Friday. The measure was taken with strict precaution and followed the standard protocol when a large amount of data is compromised.

Facebook has faced a lot of scrutiny over various aspects of its business and its capability to protect its users’ information from any hack or breach. Another report that came forward last week that gave the details of the company’s ad-targeting practices which involves accessing user’s mobile address book.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has testified before the Senate’s Commerce and Judiciary committees earlier this year about the concern of the spread of misinformation on the platform during the presidential elections of 2016. The Senate also questioned the CEO on the concerning issue of Cambridge Analytica data-mining scandal which involved the data of 87 million users credentials that was compromised. This appears to be another event when Facebook has failed to protect its users. There might be some consequences for the company once the investigation of the incident is completed.

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