Guy Creates A Working Steering Wheel For Games Using Salad Tongs And A Bar Stool

steering wheel

Necessity is the mother of invention, we have heard this proverb for a very long time. But YouTuber Chobiglass actually took an initiative for his necessity of the steering wheel and created a contraption.

If you have just spent $80 on a video game and don’t want to spend another $150 on a steering wheel, you can also improvise like Chobiglass. He used a pair of salad tongs, a computer mouse, and a spinning bar stool to create a pretty serviceable wheel for the game ‘Euro Truck Simulator 2’.

The setup isn’t quite a simple plug-n-play. You will need to tweak the mouse’s sensitivity in order to make the movements of the spinning stool translate properly to the in-game steering wheel. But once you do it, this clever hack will make a game about driving trucks seem much more fun.


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