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Watch This Guy Ride His Bike On The Surface Of A Lake

Motorcyclists do crazy things all the time but this one is one of the most ambitious and amazing stunts we have seen so far. Rider Luca Colombo rode his Suzuki 450 and went across the Lake Como. He set the world record for a freshwater distance which was crossed on a motorcycle. The video of the event that took place last year has surfaced now.

To maintain the balance of the Colombo’s bike, it was accompanied with ski-like fixtures on the front and rear wheels. It took the rider almost 5 minutes to cross the 3.4-mile distance at a speed of 46.6mph. There were plenty of cameras at the event location to record the stunt, including a drone which was following Colombo from the start to the finish. Here is the amazing video of the world record holding stunt: