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23 Employees Who Are Giving 100% To Their Jobs

Sometimes you find employees that have done work with such elegance and beauty that you can’t seem to take your eyes off their art pieces. The following list is of such works that demand a raise in salary for the person who has done them.

23. Flawless arrangement.

22. The person doesn’t even work here.

21. Textbooks are interesting for once.

20. Lecture Hall

19. Boxes put together.

18. Sorted M&Ms.

17. Amazing valet.

16. Perfect yolks.

15. Perfect tray of hash browns.

14. Cool

13. Bottles in order.

12. When you stack beer perfectly.

11. This is a treat for eyes.

10. Amazing.

9. ART!

8. Vegetable Art.

7. Desk built of books.

6. Putting files together.

5. Amazing.

4. Wired, totally!

3. Well, wow!

2. Flawless stacking.

1. Coat Hangers.