Google Engineer Saves 90 % Of His Salary By Living In A Truck In The Company’s Parking Lot

Google employee saves 90$ salary by living in a truck2

Salaried employees in tech companies rarely have homes of their own in an expensive place like Bay Area, California. Many of them share small apartments together and still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in rent every year. 23-year old Brandon from Google left his home in Massachusetts to become a part of the biggest tech company in the world. But, he soon found out that his living expenses were costing him a huge junk of his salary every month, so he came to the conclusion that civil engineered buildings weren’t the solution is this part of the country as they were ridiculously expensive. So, he turned to good old portable mechanical options instead!

He bought a 10,000 $ truck that had an area of 12 square meters and vacated his apartment. He must have gone through some convincing sessions to let his employers know that he intends to use the company parking for a permanent basis and now he seems to have got it. He lives in his cramped truck after office and has no complaints about his lifestyle since he gets to save 90% of his monthly salary from Google. His life is entirely organic and off the grid as well since he has no electric supply. He charges his laptops and smartphones from the office too.

Google employee saves 90$ salary by living in a truck

He has completely adjusted to the life inside the box. He eats, does his laundry and even showers inside the Google’s premises and the nearby Gym. He has created a blog that he daily updates to tell people about life “from inside the box”. What contrasting experiences they must have been. On one hand is the technologically smart Google headquarters with every bit of latest technology available and, on the other hand, is the van’s cabin that doesn’t even have electricity!

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