Guy Makes Wood Ash Cement Using Primitive Techniques

Cement is an essential building material used in construction all over the world. There are huge factories which make the cement. However, it can also be made using only the naturally occurring materials and primitive techniques. Primitive Technology has presented one method of producing primitive cement. The material is made from re-fired wood ash which is mixed with crushed terracotta.

The process involves burning bark and leaves in a kiln at high temperatures to produce perfectly burnt white wood ash. Once obtained, it is then well mixed with water. The extra water is poured off, and the resulting paste is placed into small pellets which allows it to dry thoroughly. Once the water dries, the pellet is heated until it becomes red hot. It is then dropped into a bucket of water which boils and dissolves the water. The resulting paste is then mixed with crushed terracotta tiles.

The paste is then formed into cubes and left for three days. After this step, even if it submerged in water for 24 hours, it doesn’t dissolve or break into pieces. The owner of Primitive Technology said that the resulting material could have useful applications to hold the bricks together. It can be used at places where limestone or snail shells are not available. He said that wood ash can be produced easily and is often available as a by-product from other projects or living scenarios. He intends to continue his research into primitive cement making techniques.

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