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Guy Makes A Mini Windmill Smartphone Charger From An Old Computer Fan

DIY PC fan phone charger

There are different portable chargers out there to charge your smartphone on the go. They include solar chargers, power banks and even wind-based ones and all of them are good but are expensive if you want to buy them in retail. We are going to present you with a simple DIY through which you can make your own $10 wind-based charger and would be able to charge the phone while biking or traveling in any vehicle. It is a very simple project involving an old computer fan. Follow this video:

Do ignore the abrupt advert at the end, but overall the project looks quite solid and charges well. The basic principle is the same; a turbine is just a motor used in reverse. Instead of using power to drive the fan, we can drive the fan and get some power very easily. With the help of a basic step-up converter, you can change the voltage and then charge your phone.

The DIY-enthusiast KipKay then proceeds to demonstrate its usefulness while it is installed on a bike. This is where he is a bit wrong as I guess the main utility would be in a very fast vehicle like a car that you don’t have to huff and puff to charge your phone. You can strap it to the window or body of the car and enjoy free charging as long as the car keeps on going. It is a fun and useful project in all. To make it long-lasting, waterproof the exposed parts.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to put those collections of old PC fans to work!