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Guy Destroyed His Front Porch And Then Remade It Into Pure Awesomeness

Some people like things as they are. The ready-made house that they built won’t undergo any changes at all because it had been built very well. Experimenting or trying out new configurations could only mean one thing; Disaster. This couple, however, weren’t that kind of people. They saw their porch and thought about what they could do with it and came up with a brilliant idea. But that involved jackhammering the entire approach to the house. Would you do it if you were in their shoes?

So this is before all the demolition took place. Honestly saying, it’s not that bad. Just like your average suburb.

A little housekeeping to clear the yard from the barks and other bits and pieces lying around.

Let the demolition begin. Jackhammering at full speed.

Look at all the mess. People must have thought their neighbours had gone crazy.

If that wasn’t enough, he completely overturned his green lawn as well.

Just for the sake of progress

Some steps were added with fancy stone bricks

Yes, that is a pathway. He started making it.

Now we have a rough idea where this is going

More stonewalls were erected around the walkway.

A crushed gravel was used to fill the pathway. Already looking good isn’t it?

More stones were added to give a finished look.

The higher retaining walls with lined with plants

Here is the entire walkway. Now this is something original from these two. It almost looks like an entrance to a magnificent manor!

Now don’t get the wrong idea, but it’s time to tear up your front porch and achieve this! It doesn’t take much cost as well, and you can do most of it by yourself!

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