You Won’t Believe That This Tiny Home Is Actually A Shipping Container

Container House (5)

The container-based homes have probably existed ever since the first containers came around. Based in Archie, Missouri, a company named Custom Container Living has designed a small immobile house out of a container that is not only more spacious than a typical container house but also includes a full-size bathroom. The secret to the spaciousness of the dwelling is its raised roof.

Living Room Source: Custom Container Living

A single 12 meters (40 feet) shipping container was used to make the home with a total floor space of 28 square meters (312 square feet). The height of the container was extended by 76.2 cm (30 inches) which makes room for two lofts. A section from the front of the container was removed to create a front porch.

Loft Bedroom
Source: Custom Container Living

The main living space inside the container leads to a small kitchen which includes a refrigerator, washer, dishwasher, and a microwave. The bathroom at the back side of the home has a tub, shower, toilet, and a sink along with a vanity unit. So much luxury for life in a container!

Spacious Full-Sized Bathroom
Source: Custom Container Living

Storage integrated stairs help to reach the two sleeping and storage lofts at the top.

Source: Custom Container Living

The container home is covered in lap siding edged Cedar. A Mitsubishi mini-split system provides air conditioning to the closed-cell foam insulated unit.

Source: Custom Container Living

If the description makes you want one, all you need in US$ 47,000.

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    Thanks for finally writing about >You Won’t Believe That This Tiny Home Is Actually A Shipping Container <Loved it!
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  2. Julio R. Garcia-Granados Reply

    Way to expensive considering that a 40 foot container is 2 or 3 grand…..wood is also minimal…..

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