Guy Creates An Incredible Sculpture Using 100 CPU Fans

What To Do With 100 CPU Fans

Meet designer and artist, George Zisiadis, who has come up with an amazing kinetic sculpture ‘Phyxel’ by means of uncovering beauty and rhythm in something that is so common and usually ignored. The Phyxel has been created by making use of a grid of 100 CPU fans that are used for keeping computers from overheating.What To Do With 100 CPU Fans 2

He says, “I draw constant inspiration from closely examining the common things we overlook every day. A CPU fan is so utilitarian and unassuming — but arranged in a certain way it becomes beautiful and poetic.”What To Do With 100 CPU Fans 3

To create this sculpture, he arranged the plastic fans in a 10 x 10 matrix and mounted them on a wooden frame. The whole piece has an area of four square feet and sports a depth of six inches. All the fans have been connected to a preset controller that is responsible for controlling the way that these fans spin. There is an intricate wire system that poke out from the back of this sculpture.What To Do With 100 CPU Fans 4

When looked at from the front, you will see fans whirling in a lively and sporadic manner. Zisiadis says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.”

When practically put to use, this statement of his resulted in a work of art that is anything but simple.


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