Engineer Creates A Real Burning Lightsaber

Real Burning Lightsaber Created By An Engineer 4

Allen Pan is famous from his youtube channel “Sufficiently Advanced” and is known for creating Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer, which only he is capable of lifting off of the ground. He is back again and this time with an actual working lightsaber that will get Star War Fans all hyped up!Real Burning Lightsaber Created By An Engineer 3

There are a lot of replicas of lightsaber, however, none of them have incorporated functionality since light and matter do not interact the way they portrayed in the movies and once the light beams are interrupted, their course is cut off and you are left with a lightsaber that is good for showing but lacks the functionality.Real Burning Lightsaber Created By An Engineer 2 Real Burning Lightsaber Created By An Engineer

That’s not true for Pan’s creation though. He created a functional lightsaber by making use of a flame blade. Although it is not exactly like the original, but it sure is one of the most amazing innovative gadgets that is inspired by it. He makes use of a nichrome ignition system to shoot a beam of fire from the weapon. This fire is fueled by flammable methanol-acetone fuel mixture along with butane propellant. The Saber also sports some really cool sound effects in order to bring a more realistic feel. Check out the video below to see this amazing contraption in action.


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