Guy Buys An Old Greyhound Bus And Converts It Into An Amazing Home In 3 Years

greyhound bus

Dream houses are either inherited, bought or sometimes built by putting own efforts. Jessie Lipskin chose to design and built her dream home by converting a decommissioned 1966 GMC bus. Lipskin found the bus on eBay and fell in love with it. She bought it and then spent three years to transform it into a humble yet stylish and comfortable apartment. Lipskin said that the purchase was part of her eco-friendly lifestyle which was inspired by a show featuring eco-architect Michael Reynolds who builds Earthships from recycled material. She said, “My first draw to the alternative sustainable lifestyle was the documentary, Garbage Warrior.”

After making an extensive research she decided to make a vehicle home. Lipskin said, “Ultimately, a home on wheels seemed like a perfect solution: I could easily explore new places (finding a permanent place to settle, in the short term, was not a priority for me), and I could continue to live a vegan lifestyle.” Since the RVs, these days do not have an aesthetic which suited her so she decided to go with a vintage bus which can be registered and insured as an RV.

Lipskin told that she did not have the experience with plumbing, electrical, carpentry which was needed for this project. The vehicle’s levels changed constantly according to the location which complicated the issues much more. When it was completed, the results were really beautiful. Lipskin made sure to add artsy finishing touches to the final project which included velvet curtains and exotic paintings. The craftsy designer also added a custom-made bench cushion and a library near her bed. The closet which she constructed is very small, however, it is really spacious. She also installed fridge or freezer. The bathroom is designed with “mahogany wood slatted flooring that drains for drying off post-shower”.

Lipskin told, “The shower drain connects to the floor drain and they both lead to the gray water tank which is mounted under the bus”. The bus is now for sale and is expected to be sold for $149,000. The ad states, “With more than $125,000 invested in restoring this bus, this home is now an innovative, eco-friendly, beautifully-designed piece of art”. The write-up shows that the home can easily be accommodated by a family of four people. It also has dimming LED lighting, energy efficient washing machine, and an instant hot water heater and propane tank.

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