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Guy Buys A Dam Online For Protecting His Home From Flood And It Works Like A Charm

Texas guy online dam2

Yes, you heard it correctly. This guy saved his house from flooding with the help of a dam whose parts he purchased online from a company that sells dams. As the torrential rains cause one of the most damaging storms in Texas, Randy Wagner, and his perfect civil engineering sense was able to save his home from disaster even though his neighbors and friends kept ridiculing him for it.

Hailing from Rosharon in Brazoria County Texas, the local resident understood that the threat of flooding could never be ruled out, and it could be very damaging for his house. So he started looking for ways to avoid the disastrous situations and luckily found an online startup called Aquadam that sold the World’s largest water-filled coffer dams. He told Khou about it that he went all the way to Louisiana purchase the dam and brought the tubes back to his house. It took him little time to lay the tubes out but filling them took a lot more time.   



Now while the people ridiculed, he knew that soon enough his $8,300 investment would pay off. The tubes were 30 inches high and could keep a heavy flooding problem at bay. When the rains hit, the area got water logged, and the water level rose to a maximum of 27 inches and such that it couldn’t breach his flood walls. While the rest of Brazos and 46 other counties were declared a calamity hit area, his house remained unscathed, and he saved more money in repairs.

So, an engineering mind and thought longevity can achieve wonders for you. Hats off!