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Google’s Modular Smartphone Is Going To Be The Future Of Mobile Computing

Just like our apps, we need to upgrade or change our smartphone frequently but we can’t do that because the phone is a whole-unit package that can only be modified slightly. As a result, we have to buy a new one each year and sometimes every few months to keep up with the new features available on the market. But, what if you were able to adjust your phone according to your needs? Meet Google’s Ara modular smartphone! Here is the video from Google:

Modular phones have been the talk of the town for some time, but it is fair to say that no company has been able to create a universal modular phone and most probably Google Ara isn’t it too but, by promising a lot of stuff and being as modular as possible, it may create something to build on.

In Google Ara, you can modify your phone with just a snap of your fingers and the website says that developer kits will be made available in this year’s fall. So, once it is in the hands of these people, we can truly get an idea what can be accomplished with this device. What we do know is that there are six slots on the phone where you can replace or update components. Just like a Lego kit, there could well be infinite possibilities of what you might be able to achieve with this and we will leave it at that. Perhaps there could be an extra storage unit for power bank for the need of more battery juice on the go or maybe you could enjoy a Bluetooth speaker without the need of external attachments at all. You could theoretically even attach a professional lens for your pictographic travels as well. The combinations go on and on.

The design does look very promising and since it is from Google itself, we can promise a bit of staggering tech and a futuristic outlook. So, just like software apps, we might have hardware apps staked in our drawer storage back at home. I can’t wait to experience it, can you?

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