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Google Unveils Android 7.0 Nougat – Here’s All You Need To Know

Google has just released Android version 7.0, named as Nougat. The special feature of this update in the operating system is that it allows two apps to run simultaneously in one screen and enables the devices to  handle more complicated 3D graphics.

Credits: Google

Currently, only the Nexus devices ( tabs and phones) can get the update but Google has informed that the upcoming LG phone will have the new 7.0 version pre-installed. However, other manufacturers will first have to carry out thorough checks of the software before the code is available for installation in other devices.

Credits: Android Police


What will this software update offer its users? According to Google, there are several key features and upgrades in the 7.0 Nougat:

As promised by Google, this software has been released and come with a number of new features. Is your device updated to 7.0 Nougat? Let us know how the new software is working!