Google Unveils The Android Oreo. Here Are All Its Key Features

Android is officially the most commonly used mobile phone operating system in the world and despite the never ending Android and iOS wars, users remain excited about the incoming release of Android 8.0 Oreo.

The 8th major release of the OS brings much easier app management, but it won’t come as a breeze. There are significant changes from the previous Nougat OS that will take some time getting used to and discovering all the new features. It will launch first for the latest mobile devices running on Nougat right now. These are the key features coming with the Oreo that will make life a tad more easier.

The developer version for the OS came out about six months ago, and the most exciting feature announced was the picture in picture option (PIP) along with improved battery saving. Here are the key features that Android O users will soon get their hands on:


The biggest problem in smartphone user’s life is the need to play YouTube in the background. Honestly, why did it not happen already? With the Android O, you will no longer need to switch between two apps because both will run on the screen simultaneously.

Image: Android Authority
Notification Dots:

If your phone keeps buzzing with a million notifications, making you miss out on the important ones, that no longer remains a problem because it will let you tap on dots to read all the app-related notifications.

Image: Android Central
Improved Security:

Google Play adds another layer of security against malware attacking the operating system. Watch director security Adrian Ludwig talk about the security features in the newest OS.

 Increased Power: 

The OS improves the battery life of your device by using the power smartly, avoiding any inactive apps secretly draining the battery.

Image: Android Police
Exciting Emojis:

This has to be the best thing about the Android O because many of us just can never have complete conversations with using a zillion emojis.

Image: TechCrunch

The Android Oreo delivers as much as it promises in the slogan “safer, smarter, more powerful and sweeter than ever” and much more. The name of the OS does not come as a surprise as every version is named after a popular confection.

While the latest Android release rivals the iOS released last year, most people think that both are software for a different world. Apple business strategist Horace Dediu explains: “…whereas Android was originally seen as the ‘good enough’ iPhone, potentially disrupting it, it turns out to be the ersatz iPhone. Chances are higher that users will switch from Android to iPhone and not the other way. Again, the reasons have more to do with the ecosystem and quality of users…than with the hardware (which is easy to measure).”

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