Google Says It Can’t Fix Pixel Watches, And You Should Just Buy A New One

Google’s commitment to repairability and partnership with iFixit is widely known, but there’s one notable exception – the Pixel Watch. Despite being touted as a tech giant’s flagship wearable, Pixel Watch users encountering issues like cracked glass have found themselves in a bind with no clear path to a fix.

Google has confirmed this lack of a repair plan, leaving users with damaged watches in a frustrating position. A spokesperson from Google clarified the situation, stating, “At this moment, we don’t have any repair option for the Google Pixel Watch. If your watch is damaged, you can contact the Google Pixel Watch Customer Support Team to check your replacement options.” Unfortunately, damage such as a cracked display falls outside the purview of any warranty, leaving purchasing a new device as the sole official recourse.

What exacerbates the problem is the absence of a parts supply chain to support unofficial repair efforts. Unlike popular devices with an abundance of salvageable parts, Pixel Watches are relatively rare, making it challenging to source spare components. This situation is especially disheartening considering iFixit’s analysis, which revealed that disassembling and replacing components in the Pixel Watch is not overly complex, especially when it comes to the screen.

The design of the Pixel Watch itself calls for repair options. Its top half is predominantly a glass hemisphere, making it susceptible to damage upon impact. This vulnerability contrasts with Google’s repairability commitment made in 2022, which primarily applies to Pixel phones rather than other Google products. With the impending release of the Pixel Watch 2, it remains to be seen if Google will address these repairability concerns.

While Google suggests contacting customer support for replacement options, the absence of a parts supply chain hinders unofficial repair efforts. As users await the release of the Pixel Watch 2, the question of whether Google will offer improved repair solutions remains unanswered.

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