Dashcam Footage Shows Parts Flying Off A Cybertruck While Driving Down The Road

Tesla, a well-known car company, known for its innovative electric vehicles, has dealt with its fair share of quality control issues over the years and more so they have become particularly noticeable with their very own Cybertruck. Cybertruck was Tesla’s foray into the electric truck market, and the major reason for its quality control issue was due to the specialized manufacturing processes required for this unique vehicle.

One of the latest problems to plague the Cybertruck is related to its hubcaps, those covers that adorn the wheels of a vehicle. A video captured the moment when a hubcap detached from a Cybertruck prototype while it was cruising down a California highway. This particular Cybertruck was categorized as a “production candidate,” meaning it was nearly identical to what customers would eventually receive.

As the Cybertruck maneuvered around a bend in the road, the unexpected happened. One of its hubcaps suddenly popped off and soared almost 20 feet into the air, passing over the power lines that ran above the highway. It then descended back to the ground, landing just in front of a Volkswagen Jetta. The driver of the Jetta had to react quickly, applying emergency brakes to avoid a potential collision with the dislodged hubcap.

Thankfully, the hubcap slipped under the car and emerged from the other side without causing any apparent damage. However, one can’t help but wonder what might have occurred had it struck the Jetta head-on.

This hubcap detachment incident could be an isolated problem but it sheds light on the ongoing production challenges Tesla is grappling with while bringing its first electric truck to market. Whether the issue is rooted in design flaws or assembly errors, it’s not the first hiccup in the Cybertruck’s journey to production. The hope is that these issues will be effectively addressed before the Cybertruck reaches the hands of eager customers.

But in reality, Tesla’s Cybertruck has gathered attention not only because of its various features such as its bold and unique design and electric power but also for the manufacturing issues that they have faced.

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