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Google Launches Android 10 – Here Is All You Need To Know

Only a week before the launch of new iPhone and iOS 13, Google has rolled out the first complete and stable release of Android 10 (previously known as Android Q). Pixel phones are the first smartphones to be getting this new OS by Google.

Google VP of Engineering Dave Burke detailed some of the new features that are being introduced in Android 10 in a blog post. Android 10 comes with a system-wide dark mode, privacy settings have been enhanced, and apps are told to access your location only when they are running much like the iOS.

Android 10 relies more on gestures, but the actual implementation will largely be based on the model and manufacturer of your Android phone. For instance, swiping will allow you to move forward and backward in apps, and help you bring up a list of the recent apps; tasks that were handled by dedicated buttons previously. An impressive feature is that of Live Caption. Android 10 will try to caption the videos on screen using Google’s AI processing in real-time.

A number of the existing features have also been improved. The smart reply options that pop us when you receive a new message also recognizes Google Maps links and YouTube URLs. The OS also comes with the official support for foldable phones and 5G connections. The Digital Wellbeing app has also been added to the mix as well that enables users to limit their time on certain websites.

The latest OS by Google comes loaded with a variety of minor tweaks and modifications. For instance, a sound amplifier has been incorporated that makes the audio become clearer through headphones. An automatic alert has also been added which will warn you if any moisture is detected in the USB port. So, when can you enjoy Android 10? Pixel phones will be the first one to get it, whereas the owners of other phones will have to wait for a while. Fingers crossed!

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